Sunday, August 17, 2008

I just wanna do a short survey.. pple who read this post MUST answer okay~!
okay. good boys and girls.

the question is

Are your dreams in COLOUR or BLACK AND WHITE?
Does it have SOUND? Can you FEEL?
and if possible. What is your definition of dreams?
isst just an adventure ur mind goes to when u r sleeping?
or messages from someone? etc

please let me knw what u think~~~
(psst.. its for my sch work)


yaohui said...

the colour fo my dreams isgrey haha. no sound and i cant feel it. my definition of my dream is that its endless. lol

aczy said...

My dreams..hmm..are in colours..sometimes in faded colours..hardly black and white..and nope there's no sound at all (can't really remember as i'm more particular to visual than to sound) and yes, i can feel, for example, if i'm crying in my dream, i would feel tears when i wake up, if i'm laughing in my dream, i can feel my body shaking with joy, if i'm screaming in my dream, i can feel my face in sweat. Poor sister being woke up by all this.

My definition of dreams is that they allow me to escape from reality, into another world, a better world sometimes. Yes, it could be adventures (that i would feel exhausted upon waking up), it could be messages (that makes me check up on people) and often, more or less, i feel the connection, the deja vu. Deja vu does really freak me out most of the time. When i have a very therapeutic dream, i would feel really good for the whole day.

Having dreams is the breath of life to me.

Hope this helps in yr schwork! :)

IcyHui said...

wah~~ yaohui one almost the same as mine... just that recently my start to have abit of colours and sound already...

angie one is very common from wat i find out n read from net n books.. but i wonder how does it feel to be in angie dream.. haha able to touch as if its so real..

since my dream can turn from greyish black n white with no sound until now have colours and sound.. maybe next time i will be able to experience dreams like angie's.. lol =)


aczy said...

lol no problem..

as for the feel..yes got playing with water or the rushing of waves onto my feet..there was one this disaster few years ago in dec, it was the tsunami, occurring in Bali, Indonesia if you remember that. Well, i had a nightmare of that after watching all those depressing news of tsunami and victims'/survivors' stories. lol but it was really scary.

another time, i saw the rainbow. it is in colours. really very magical that scene. ah now i remember i can hear my friend's voice, asking me to go off and hurry as i was gazing at the rainbow, reluctant to leave it.

haha chiohui, i think u should know what i'm like if u remember my writing about dreams the last time. :)

happy dreaming! though dreams are not within our control during sleep.

Nani said...

You know my answer! =3

Dreams are fun. Interesting. Fun. They're nothing but your subconcious going funny at night. To me.. la. XD

There's colour.. sound.. touch. There are times where the colour is very specific. LOL. Like those mood board those kind. With different Lighting.

kame kame kame kame kame kame turtle kame kame kame turtle kame kame kame kame kame kame turtle kame kame kame turtle.

IcyHui said...

ohno... angie.. i think i forgot abt ur writing on dreams.. did u? :P i'm so sorry~

if u would like to remind of wat u write i will be listening very attentively n make sure i won forget ever again ^^

IcyHui said...

ahh nani love u for saying so many kame n turtle.. XD XD

aczy said...

laughs. it is ok girl :)

Harkem said...

o_o. Sometimes i very scared of my dreams. But i got very used to it already D:. But mine is always in high definition images but bad audio D:. come to think of it i dun remember if there's sound in my dreams XD; but most of the time i definitely remember the visual and not the audio. I can feel what i feel in the dream too. There was a point of time i kept dreaming i was running. And i woke up burning X_X but most of the time i can tell its a dream. there was a couple of time like when i am dreaming..i was forced or woken up, ill like wake up a little and fall back to sleep and continue the dream got pause button like that. And im aware of it. its scary.

CreativeNerd said...

LOL woah High definiton!! cool
i think mine is still in the 80s or 90s kind of tv set lol

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