Thursday, December 18, 2008

Europe trip---Visual Diary

1) 10th nov, 11.55pm! Take off to Manchester airport~ 12 hr of flight
2) 11th nov how i look on the first day there... XD

3) Jet lag n Accident! T_T sprained my ankle on the 2nd day
4) portrait drawing while on the way to liverpool! (the liverpool logo was actually copied from the receipt of the liverpool merchandise shop)

5) Shopping~!
6) a grp of us suddenly have a drawing practise session at night, and she is our model.

7 & 8) After a while i got bored and tada... scribbles..

9) Drawing while on the train ride to Manchester
10) more scribbles

11) Drawn while in London ...The only one page that i think is nice.. haha
12) In Paris, after visiting the disneyland. Ky insist on treating me vodka shot as my belated bday present =__=" but haha i'm not so easily down ok...

13) impression of Paris
14) I love barcelona~ HOLA~
and a book i borrow from my fren for reading

15) A girl who look like Angela Aki, in a barcelona restuarant near by our hostel
A talented girl who seem to be making clothes dolls or own merchandise..either as hobby or for sale... very pretty and talented....(of cos she look prettier than my drawing lar)
Actually all the drawings are suppose to be oni black and white but bcos i gt sick of looking at b n w i went to supermart n bought a set of colour pencils and oni 1.99 pound~ haha
That's all

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Huizai said...

nice diary you have here. lol

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