Monday, December 8, 2008

Huddersfield & Meltham

Hepzibah House, the apartment we live in for 2 weeks in Huddersfield,meltham.
a very nice and sweet 3-storey apartment
each storey fully furnished with bedrooms, living room, kitchen and toilet
the amazing thing is... the apartment is hand built by themselves!

Nearby the school.

Tasty chicken and bacon burger from the school canteen,
sadly its only available for breakfast =(

One day we decided to alight one stop early and walked back to the apartment in e cold =)
no one knows that there are actually snails living in between those bricks on the sidewalk
until they saw the pic in my camera.

Pre-christmas celebration to hype up the chilly weather!
Night shoot of an alley =)

to get myself out of trouble inside the house, i escaped to the corridor and found this old gollem-like(?) looking creature staring at me from behinid the dustbin.
a complimentary photo =)... Orchid from the corridor

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