Monday, March 14, 2011

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It's the 4th day since the terrible misfortune in Japan.
It really helpless to see such devastating events happening one after another non stop
Earthquake, Tsunami, Nuclear Radiation and serious After shocks.
Its so heartbreaking to turn on the news and see the images videos and interviews.
But at the same time i wouldn't want to get off track from the news, thus i tolerate and keep on getting updates from available sources.
I couldn't do much except to play my part in donation and wish Japan will recover well again.
In this situation i see the internet play quite a big part in supporting Japan too.
From my twitter timeline there are always full of retweets (mass retweets) of advices to the citizens out there how to stay safe, self defense and useful information of places which are open for shelter, public phone allow people to call and contact their loves ones for free, drink vending machine able to get drink for free, food and beverage shops open for them to fill their stomach.
people from all over the world also send their wishes and support such as
Seeing all these heartwarming tweets and news made me goosebumps and super touched at how supportive Japanese people are. there r such high humanity.

Thankfully my Japanese friends are all safe and sound. I hope the rest of the citizens would be safe as soon as possible. I feel like doing something but i do not know what i can do beside donating to the Japan Earthquake and Tsunami relief fund, thus i drew this illustration.
Everyone let's play a part, lend a helping hand to help Japan stand up again :)

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