Thursday, April 21, 2011

Share: Silkscreen event with MOJOKO

Sorry for the late update.
I went to this silkscreen event last weekend at Vue Privée
a short period before this event we were ask to submit one image of your favorite character from childhood,
then Mojoko would select and put together to make a silkscreen print of it.
Its pretty cool~! Because i'm curious about silkscreen printing and i had never done it before so its an interesting event for me.


When i heard of how silkscreen is actually done, the preparation of e design n creating it seem really tedious~! 
There is a colouring station for you to actually colour ur silkscreen printing!
Also some of his works being displayed in the event. 
these are the few i like the most :)

Thank you Mr Mojoko & Vue Privée :D

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