Sunday, January 2, 2011

Productive New Year

Yesterday 1st Jan 2011, i spend the whole day at home :D
(i dun like to be squeezing in e huge public crowd anyway :D)
so Nani came over and we did some handicrafts!
i had a few plastic sheets which i think is starting to collect dust in my room >.<
so had to get rid of it :P

we thought the whole drawing and baking it into acrylic won't take up much time
but who know, just a blink of an eye we spend the whole 8hour(?!) doing these acrylic pieces.

 Copic markers works really well with this plastic sheet! the outcome on the acrylic is very nice~

 I used a gold marker for e writing, the result is a surprise! the wordings have a pop up feel~ so cool~

Happy 2011~!

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