Sunday, January 2, 2011

Share: Trip to SAM

Went to SAM (Singapore Art Museum) on my off day on Wednesday. :3
There was this Trans-Cool TOKYO exhibition displaying Contemporary Japanese Art from Tokyo.
(exhibition will be until Feb 2011)
the pretty deer greeting you the moment you enter the exhibition. its very pretty.
exhibition stretches up to 3 storeys

Yoshitomo Nara's artworks
But sadly there are only two works being exhibits. Hopefully to see more.
Takahashi Murakami's works
Those pretty smiling flowers really do brighten the mood =)
Disco booth
 I find this disco booth is e most interesting and memorable installation.
U go into the booth close the door and enjoy the music, dancing to the rhythm (at your own risk!)
because you wont know passers by r watching all your moves, LOL

Reflectwo, a very nice display that give a calming feel

An interactive corner.
 Of cos there r much more exhibits in there other than these that i had post up. Interested parties can made a trip there and take a look :)

That's all~ :)

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