Saturday, May 14, 2011

DIY masquerade Mask

tada~! i had designed a masquerade mask for a dance performance i'm participating in!
we are doing a dance to Namie Amuro's Do Me More. its slightly sexy feel kind of dance. :P
And we will be wearing this mask during the performance!
Performance will be Tomorrow (15May2011) afternoon at about 2pm at Liang Court.
do come down and have a look an support us :D

gonna do a final practise and head off to bed
see ya~

After working on this mask i realise there is a mistake in the procedure.
the lace should be paste on the mask before the glitter, otherwise the lace will fall off easily cos it doesn's stick well in the uneven glittery surface. 
After two performaces, the mask had become more or less destroyed because the lace couldn't stick well on the uneven surface. 
So, the glitter must be put on in the last step, covering the whole mask and brush off after that, the remaining will stick on to the mask :)

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